Utility Collections

Utility collections pose a significant challenge simply because they are one of the last bills to go unpaid during difficult financial times. When an individual’s utilities are shut off, tough financial choices are having to be made. While this might not be the case in every situation, a compassionate approach is always the best way to begin working towards a resolution. Our agency has worked with utility companies for over 30 years and our experience and long-term approach have proven to yield the highest returns.

Forward Thinking

We believe in representing your institution with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Our agents treat all consumers with the same dignity and respect you would expect from your own employees.

Our online payment portal allows consumers to make payments and/or set up recurring payment plans.

Our customized debt negotiating tools allow consumers to participate in the mediation of their payment plans, one time settlements, and pay offs. Allowing consumers to have more control in their payment options increases the likelihood a resolution will be found.

An increasing number of individuals prefer to communicate through means other than a live, one on one call. Our site allows for secure communication between the consumer and one of our live agents. Giving consumers options in their ability to communicate with our office increases the likelihood of a successful contact.

Our goal is to resolve all disputes and consumer complaints prior to any escalation. Our site allows consumers the ability to file disputes and complaints varying from services rendered to consumer treatment after default.

A thorough compliance program is essential in today’s collection environment. Our continuous training and education programs exemplify our commitment to minimizing risk for our clients.

Our Services

Mistakes happen, but so does fraud and abuse. Our account workflow begins with a thorough data scrub to ensure that we are working with the best information possible.

Initial validation notices, and later demand letters, are sent to consumers during the collection process. In addition, payment plan reminder letters are also mailed along with delinquent payment agreement letters in the instance a default occurs.

Our approach to collection calls center around the consumers need for respect and dignity as well as your need for account resolution. Our calls move from advisory in nature at the beginning of collections, to a more demanding approach towards the end of the life cycle.

We want to make sure our efforts in fair credit reporting are done so in an effective and thorough manner. When lawful, our agency reports delinquent accounts to multiple credit reporting bureaus to ensure your accounts are represented to the best of their ability.

While we understand the usefulness of big data, our agency does not segment accounts based on any scoring models. Our scoring gives our professionals insight into the individual they are approaching and how they may best find a workable solution. The proprietary model we utilize is unlike most on the market in that it pulls actual credit data rather than scores based on socioeconomic information.

Our agents go above and beyond in their attempts to locate additional information on your accounts. Our agents utilize all methods of online searches including social media, state and local government sites, professional certifications, and many more.

Making assumptions on an individual’s ability to pay at the time of account placement is shortsighted. Our approach encompasses a short-term approach to collection but also builds in a long-term approach as everyone’s financial situation changes. We believe that actively monitoring credit reports and social media accounts leads to the identification of these changes and the opportunity for account resolution.

Through our partnerships with multiple data vendors, our agency identifies and verifies deceased individuals in real time. Time is critical when identifying available paths to payment after an individual passes away. Our agency has the infrastructure and resources needed to identify probates quickly to secure a path to payment.

Our commitment to transparency and consumer treatment is seen through our thoroughness in call recording and archiving. All calls are recorded in office, encrypted, and archived for years in the instance a client audit is requested.

Our overall goal is to find a resolution to an account within the first 6 months of placement. However, it is becoming easier for individuals to simply block numbers and not open mail. When an account goes without consumer resolution for over 180 days, and the individual is employed and not identified as indigent, we do request permission to proceed through legal recourse. While this option is solely at the discretion of our clients, we encourage it as a means to recover delinquent accounts.

Navigating the labyrinth of bankruptcy takes years of industry knowledge and an efficient workflow to make the time spent worthwhile. Our office handles bankruptcy accounts from their initial notification and proof of claim filing, all the way through to their discharge/dismissal.

Disclaimer: This communication is with a debt collector. This is an attempt collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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