Delinquent Account Recovery

Managing delinquent accounts can be a burdensome undertaking. The cost of continued statements and dedicated resources can quickly drive any internal efforts into a further loss in revenue. Our agency has been a partner in the credit and collection industry for over 35 years. Our forward thinking, consumer centered approach has proven to maximize recovery and promote customer retention.

Not every individual has disposable income at the same time of the month. Our variable statement delivery targets specific financial classes at times of the month when they are most likely to have the means to pay. 

When it comes to a collection approach, one size doesn't fit all. Our workflows focus on specific payer types and incorporate a scoring model based on actual credit data to give our agents the best understanding of each individuals financial situation.

Making assumptions on an individual’s ability to pay at the time of account placement is shortsighted. Our approach encompasses a short-term approach to collection but also builds in a long-term approach as everyone’s financial situation changes. We believe that actively monitoring credit reports and social media accounts leads to the identification of these changes and the opportunity for account resolution.

Our overall goal is to find a resolution to an account within the first 6 months of placement. However, it is becoming easier for individuals to simply block numbers and not open mail. When an account goes without consumer resolution for over 180 days, and the individual is employed and not identified as indigent, we do request permission to proceed through legal recourse. While this option is solely at the discretion of our clients, we encourage it as a means to recover delinquent accounts.

We want to make sure our efforts in fair credit reporting are done so in an effective and thorough manner. When lawful, our agency reports delinquent accounts to multiple credit reporting bureaus to ensure your accounts are represented to the best of their ability.

Disclaimer: This communication is with a debt collector. This is an attempt collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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