Mid-South Adjustment Co., Inc.

Our Philosophy

Mid-South Adjustment Co., Inc. is a collection agency based in Central Arkansas. For over 35 years, Mid-South has delivered consistent results for its clients and maintained a reputation of honesty and integrity in the credit and collection industry.  Our capital forward, compliance centered approach to operations has shown to be the best driver for client performance. Mid-South’s approach to collections encompasses historically proven collection techniques paired with an ever evolving accessibility to data and technology.

A Commitment to Compliance

Mid-South places an emphasis on industry security and compliance. All staff undergo quarterly training and testing to ensure all rules and regulations governing industry-specific laws are abided. Our office enforces strict policy governing the protection of non-public, personally identifiable information. All necessary safeguards are taken to prevent potential data breaches.

A Capital Forward Approach

Mid-South’s operations embrace a capital forward approach to collections. We believe in maximizing current collection opportunities and make capital readily available to execute on those opportunities.  Our focus on opportunities, rather than revenue, has led to increased performance year after year for our clients.  

Disclaimer: This communication is with a debt collector. This is an attempt collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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