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Reducing account delinquency and improving the overall consumer experience is the core of a successful early out program. Having a vendor initiate immediate follow up at the point of consumer responsibility has proven to increase satisfaction and reduce bad debt. What's equally important to having a good program, is finding the right agency to execute your program. Utilizing scoring and propensity to pay models based off actual credit data, our agents are provided a better understanding of each individual’s financial situation and how best to approach to find a resolution.

Not every individual has disposable income at the same time of the month. Our variable statement delivery targets specific financial classes at times of the month when they are most likely to have the means to pay. 

Our EBO products include fully customized statements for your facility.  In addition, our team will continue to develop your statements to cater to frequently asked questions/disputes by consumers in order to reduce future barriers to payment.

Our statements are 501(r) compliant and are audited by a third-party firm to ensure compliance. All advertising requirements set forth in the Affordable Care Act are met with each of our statements. 

In accordance with ACA regulations, both the notification and application periods are complied with during billing and collection cycles. Copies of your in-house FA application are mailed at the request of your patients.

After hours support means your consumers have access to assistance with their bill at times that are most convenient for them.

Disclaimer: This communication is with a debt collector. This is an attempt collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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